Books for translators

One of the best selling books for translators in 2019!

This book contains interactive exercises and self-assessment tools to help you reach your potential.

"Secrets of six-figure translators" is packed with practical advice which will help you to:

-Write a professional CV

-Contact translation agencies

-Find more clients

-Set your goals

-Write a marketing plan

-Become more confident

-Track your success

Planners for translators & interpreters

Start the new year organised!


Be up to date with conferences and events for translators and interpreters in 2020. 


This is a daily planner specifically created for freelance translators and interpreters.


The planner has daily view, plus plenty of space for extra notes.

Includes monthly goals, important dates, to-do lists and wish lists plus marketing plans and useful tools for translators.

The planner is a standard book size and starts January 1st 2020 and ends 31st of December 2020.

Contains daily schedule from 6am until 10pm.